Test Connectivity

Information on performing a connectivity test on a Z-Wave device.


If you find that a Z-Wave device is not reliably responding to commands, providing status updates, or not doing these at all, you can perform a network connectivity test on it to make sure it is communicating with the network at all.


Access the Device Diagnostics page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Device Diagnostics


  1. From the Device Diagnostics page, use the drop-down menu to select the name of the device you would like to perform the connectivity test on. Click Continue.
  2. The function drop-down menu will be open, select Test Connectivity, then click Continue.
  3. Click Start, then the system will log that it is performing a connectivity test and move along to step 5 once it is complete. Go to Details to review logs if the rescan does not succeed, you can see more detailed logs from Tools > Log. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page, or Run Another Function if you need to rescan another device.


  • This test can also be used after first setting up Z-Wave devices to ensure that their signals are reachable from their installed locations.
  • The information sent during a connectivity test is smaller than normal action commands or status updates, so while it is a good test to see if any communication is happening, it is not a guarantee that the current distances will work for real world use.