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Connect Z-Seer to HomeSeer

Z-Seer+ is a Windows application that may be used locally (on the same system as HS3) or remotely, via a network connection. Use the appropriate procedure below to connect to your system and selecting your Z-Wave network.

Menu Bar Functions

As with any program, there are essential functions found in the menu bar in the top, left-hand corner of the window. Each section and the functions within are explained below.

Node Map Overview

How to use the node map.

Working with Z-Seer+

If you're using Z-Seer+ for the first time, here are a few suggestions to help you get started. 

Z-Seer+ FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Z-Seer+.

Z-Seer+ Release Notes & Downloads

Release notes and download links for Z-Seer+ Z-Wave diagnostics software

Z-Seer Installation

Instructions on installing and registering Z-Seer+ on your Windows PC.

Z-Seer Overview

Z-Seer+ is a software tool that's designed to help diagnose and treat the health of a HomeSeer system's Z-Wave network.