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Terminal Strip Pinouts

Information on the pinouts on the ADIO-100.

LED Operation:

Blinking Green[1 per second]Unit functioning correctly - idle
Blinking Green[rapid or steady]Unit receiving serial data
Blinking Red[rapid or steady]Unit transmitting serial data
Unit is not functioning

Power Supply: 7.5-15.0 Vdc approx. 50 ma. nominal power, 24 VDC maximum 100 ma current draw (we suggest our PS9J a 9VDC 400 ma unregulated power supply).

GND and Shield: THE GND and Shield terminals are connected on the ADIO-100 board and are therefore electrically equivalent.

RS-232 Cabling: The RS-232 interface uses a "3 wire" RS-232 connection. That is to say only three wires are connected between the I/O Module and the Host PC: TxD, RxD, and GND.

RS-232 Flow Control: The HomeSeer Technologies modules to not support hardware or Xon/Xoff flow control.

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