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Terms and Definitions

Commonly used terms and definitions pertaining to HomeSeer


TermDefinitionUse CasesAlso Known As
ActionThe end result or purpose for any event is to execute an action or sequence of actions.Turn a smart product on, increment a counter, speak something, etc.

ConditionA parameter that works in conjunction with a trigger to launch an event. Conditions are true over a period of time.
The day of the week is Wednesday, the time is after 4 pm, Garage Door is open, motion is sensed, etc.

DeviceSoftware entity that is designed to represent a physical smart home product. It may or may not be grouped with Features.After adding a WD200 to your Z-Wave network, it gets listed as a HomeSeer device under the Devices page.HomeSeer Device
EventAn action or sequence of actions set into motion by one or more triggers which may also include one or more conditions.Turn on a light 30 minutes before sunset on weekdays, send an email if a temperature sensor report 80 degrees, etc.Automations, Scenes, Robots, Routines, Applets, Recipes
FeatureSubset or attribute of a HomeSeer device.For an HSM200, the features are Motion Sensor, Temp Sensor, Light Sensor, and Color Control.Child Device
InterfaceHardware device that serves to link a technology (like Z-Wave) to HomeSeer SoftwareSmartStick+, Z-Net, 2413U, RFXCOMController, USB Stick
NodeUnique identifier for smart product software address.Z-Wave Node #12Address
PluginSoftware designed to integrate with HomeSeer software to enhance capabilities or add features.JowiHUE, EasyTrigger, Harmony HubAdd-on
Smart Home HubA computer running smart home software packaged and marketed as a unique product.HomeTroller Pi, HomeTroller Plus, HomeTroller ProHome Controller, Controller, Smart Hub
Smart ProductHardware device that's designed to communicate with and/or be controlled by a Smart Home Hub.HS-WD200+ Dimmer, HS-FLS100+ SensorDevice
TriggerAnything that happens in an instant that can launch an eventThe time is Sunset, Smart Product turns On, Counter reaches 5
UpdateA minor revision or "point" release of software.
HS4 v4.0.0.0 to v4.0.1.0
UpgradeA major revision or "integer" release of software.
HS3 to HS4
Virtual DeviceSoftware entity that's designed to reflect the status or value or something not necessarily linked to a Smart ProductOccupancy, Daytime/Nighttime, Seasons, Defcon 2Status Device, State Device
Z-Wave AssociationA linkage that causes Z-Wave products to communicate directly between themselvesAssociating a Z-Wave motion sensor to a Z-Wave wall switch will turn the switch on (and off) when motion is sensed and then no longer sensedScene
Z-Wave OptimizationThe process by which a Z-Wave smart product rediscovers its neighborsAfter initial setup, running an optimization can help nodes discover the best routes back to your Z-Wave controller. Not to be run on large networks.
Z-Wave NetworkThe wireless web or mesh created by Z-Wave devices where they can see each other and report back to the Z-Wave Controller.Z-Wave Networks are managed from Plugins > Z-Wave > Controller ManagementMesh Network
Z-Wave ControllerAn Interface specifically for Z-Wave hardware.SmartStick+, Z-Net, UZB, Aeotec Z-StickInterface

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