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Trialing HS4

Helpful tips for trialing HS4 with the included sample data.


Thank you for purchasing the HS4 trial! We've included some sample data of HomeSeer devices and events to use while exploring the software. Please take a moment to review the information below and have fun with HS4!

Installation and Registration

  1. Download, install and launch HS4
  2. When the registration stepper appears, enter your trial license ID and password, then click CONTINUE.
  3. Your license will be activated and you'll have the option to START MY TRIAL right away or CREATE MYHS ACCOUNT to test remote access and Trial Alexa & Google Home Integration
  4. When registration is complete, the Devices page will appear.

HomeSeer Devices

This following collection of HomeSeer "sample" devices should now appear. These devices represent common smart home products and they are all controllable. Feel free to click their buttons to see how they change status and to see how they interact with other devices. These interactions are controlled by HomeSeer Events (automations). 

HomeSeer Events

Events are automations that may be used to control devices based upon the time of day, changing status of other devices or a variety of other factors. The event below is designed to turn on lights starting at sunset:

The following collection of events are included with the trial. These events represent common automations created by most users. 

Event NameTriggerAction
Control Walk-In Closet Light With Door SensorMaster Bedroom Closet Door Sensor Opens or ClosesMaster Bedroom Closet Light Turns On or Off

Control Garage Light With Door

Garage Door Opens or ClosesGarage Shop Light Turns On or Off
Control Bathroom Light with MotionBathroom Motion Sensor Senses Motion or Stops Sensing MotionBathroom Mirror Lights Turn On or Off
Control Overhead Light With Wireless RemoteMaster Bedroom Wireless Remote Button is Pressed 1-Time or 2-TimesMaster Bedroom Overhead Light (On/Off | Dim)
Open Garage Door Weekdays At 8:45 AMTime Becomes 8:45 AM on WeekdaysGarage Door Will Open
Close Garage Door If Left Open On WeekdaysTime Becomes 9:15 AM or 7 PM on WeekdaysOpen Garage Door Will Close
Turn On Lights Starting At SunsetTime Becomes SunsetLiving Room Floor Lamp Turns On
Living Room Table Lamp Turns On
Wait 30 Minutes
Front Porch Sconce Lights Turn On
Turn Off Inside Lights at 11 PMTime Becomes 11 PM

Living Room Floor Lamp Turns Off
Living Room Table Lamp Turns Off

Turn Off Outside Lights At MidnightTime Becomes MidnightFront Porch Sconce Lights Turn Off

Software Plugins

Plugins are software add-ons that allow HS4 to integrate with different technologies, services and products. No plugins are installed by default in the trial. However, you may install and test any integration that you want.

Trial Alexa & Google Home Integration

If you have Alexa and/or Google smart speaker devices, you'll be able to control our sample devices by voice. After device discovery, you can use the following device names:

  • Closet Light
  • Floor Lamp
  • Mirror Lights
  • Overhead Light
  • Sconce Lights
  • Shop Light
  • Table Lamp

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