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Updating Z-Wave Plugin (HS3)

Information on updating an existing Z-Wave plugin in HS3.


If you have an update available on your Installed plugins page, simply click the update button! If Z-Wave or lower installed and do not see an update available. This guide will show you how to update your current install on HS4 and HS3. 



When updating your Z-Wave plugin, your existing plugin install will be overwritten but your Z-Wave DATA will not be affected. See the notes below for additional information.

  1. Go to Plug-ins→Manage
  2. Click Update Listings
  3. Check the update box for your Z-Wave plugin
  4. Click Download and Install
  5. Once finish, you may need to restart your plugin by toggling the Enable off and back on.


This procedure is strictly for HS3 users.

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