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USB Configuration

  1. Driver Installation: SmartStick+ is a "virtual COM" device with a USB port connection. A software driver is required to allow SmartStick+ to work with your HomeTroller or host computer. The HomeTroller Zee S2 and SEL do not require driver installation. The SmartStick driver is available here (SmartStick+ Driver). The HomeTroller S6 will require you to obtain an additional driver from the Downloads page (SmartStick+ Update for S6).

  2. Physical Installation: Simply attach SmartStick+ to your system using the USB connection. If the driver is installed, a COM port number will be assigned by the operating system. To confirm this, open your Windows Device Manager and expand the "Ports" section. Your SmartStick+ will appear as a "UZB" device. In the example below, Windows has assigned COM port #25 to this SmartStick+

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