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Using Event Engine (HS3)

Information on using the event engine in HS3.

An automation event consists of an action (or actions) that are set into motion by one or more triggers.

Example: Turning on lights at sunset. 

Trigger = sunset
Action = turning lights on

With HomeSeer, you can quickly and easily create the events you need. Here's how to create the sunset event above.

Creating Events

  1. From the web interface, open the VIEW drop menu and select Events.
  2. Change the event group name from "New Group" to "Lighting".
  3. Now expand the New Event section and rename the new event to "Lights on at Sunset".
  4. Go to the blue-shaded section and set the trigger of the event by opening the drop menu after "IF". Choose The Time is... and then select The Time is Sunset.
  5. Now go to the green-shaded section and set the action of this event by opening the drop menu and selecting Control a Device. Select the device you wish to control and the method of control (on / off) you wish to use.  
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