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Beta Plugin Updates

Implemented is the ability to upload an update to a published plugin without HomeSeer approval or affecting the release version. This ability is available upon request and requires at least (1) paid plugin. Contact HomeSeer to get the BETA release ability. BETA releases should be done on existing plugin listings.

  1. Update version number to BETA version
  2. Upload BETA zip file
  3. Click Save and Release Beta at the bottom

Once released, a line will be created in the BETA section of the updater with the new zip file and version number. Your release plugin will not be affected until you submit the new version and zip for approval.

To remove the plugin from the BETA section, simply click Remove Beta at the bottom. Submitting a new version will not affect the BETA. The BETA will need to be removed after publishing.

NOTE: BETAs are subject to HomeSeer removal.

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