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Changing Plugin Names

Plugin names will sometimes need to change. To make that easier to understand from the portal, we have implemented a system that allows you to know what the current live name is versus what your edited name is. Often times a plugin being worked on will have a name change but this would not be reflected on your Products list.

Now, when you change the name but have not had the plugin pushed, you will see two names listed for the product. The first non-bold name is your new plugin name while what is bold and in parenthesis is what’s live in the updater. In the example to the right, HomeSeer Hue will become the new name of the Philips Hue plugin once pushed to the updater.

The Product Name field is what will show up in the updater. Do not add your author name or “Software Plugin for HS4” to the name as we do this automatically for the listing and your author name is listed elsewhere in the updater.

The Updater Name field has been changed to Plugin ID to better fit its role.

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