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Returns JSON that describes all the systems that the user has access to. Only the systems that are online are returned. If the user has a premium subscription then multiple systems could be returned, otherwise only a single system is returned.

The "hslocalip" is the IP address of the system HS is running on. The "hswanip" is the WAN IP that HS detects and the "detected_wan_ip" is the WAN ip that the MyHS service detects. If these match, this means the user is on the same network as the HS system and your app can connect using the "hslocalip" rather than use the MyHS service. The "HasSubscription" property reports if the user has a MyHS subscription. The "tunnelip" parameter is the MyHS server that the HS system is connected to. In order to get access to the system described you MUST use the correct tunnel address. HomeSeer will be implementing redundant MyHS servers so it is critical that the correct server is used when issuing MyHS commands. An alternative to using GetSystems is to use the URL:

This request will automatically direct the request to the correct server.

Example return:

	"response": "ok",
	"responsecode": 200,
	"systems": [
			"license": "12345",
			"friendly_name": "Office",
			"hslocalip": "",
			"hswanip": "some_ip",
			"detected_wan_ip": "some_ip",
			"tunnelip": "",
			"online": true
	"HasSubscription": true
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