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Navigating the Portal


Clicking Products will bring you to your list of plugins. If you have no plug-ins listed, clicking Products will bring you right to a form to create one. Once you have plugins listed the Products page will allow authors to Add, Edit, or Remove plugins.


Lists the authors portal username and a place to change the login password.


Section for providing contact information as well as Updater default info.

     Profile Information

          Name – Full Name
          Display Name/Brand Name – The name used as the Provider in the Updater and will precede your plug-in name in your Shop listing, as your Brand. (ie HomeSeer Z-Wave Software plug-in for HS3; HomeSeer is the brand)
          Forum Username – Username on the HomeSeer For
          Company – Company name
          Email – Contact email address
          Paypal Email – Email address for plug-in sale payments
          Company Logo – Company logo (used if a plug-in logo is not uploaded)
          Telephone – Contact phone number

Adding a Plugin:
          Click Products and then Add
Editing a Plugin:
          Click Products and then Edit
Removing a Plugin:
          Email with subject ‘Plugin Removal Request’ to request a removal

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