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Using the SDK

HomeSeer plugins are developed using the dotNET Framework and can be written using any language that is compatible with version 4.6.2.

Install HomeSeer HS4

Plugins rely on certain packages contained within the HomeSeer installation directory.  Before you can begin developing a plugin for HS4, you will need to make sure that you have a registered copy of the latest version of the platform installed on your computer.

Download the latest installer from the forums.

HS4 Alpha installations will currently only work with trial licenses.

Create a new plugin

If you are looking for instructions on how to create a new plugin for the HS4 platform, check out the Creating a Plugin guide.

Try the sample plugins

There are a few sample plugins developed by HomeSeer, open-sourced, and available for your use in developing plugins.  You can find a list of the available samples and instructions on how to use them on the Sample Plugins page.

Migrate an existing HS3 plugin

See the HS3 to HS4 API Reference guide to get started finding the new signatures for the various classes and methods.

  • Reading Legacy Event Data

    This page covers the process for enabling the support of legacy HS3 data in HS4 action and trigger types.

  • Reading Legacy PlugExtraData

    This page covers the process for enabling your HS4 plugin to read objects that were stored in the PlugExtraData Class with the legacy API.

More documentation on this subject will be coming soon.

Report issues and contribute updates to the SDK

The Plugin SDK has been open-sourced and is available on GitHub: HomeSeer/Plugin-SDK

Please report any issues you are experiencing there.  Contributions are welcome; create a pull request.

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