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Adding a System to a Free Account

How to add a system to your MyHS Free account and upgrade to a Basic account.


Customers that register for MyHS without a HomeSeer license will start with a Free account. If you purchase a HomeTroller or HomeSeer software license down the road, your account can be upgraded to a Basic membership which allows you to access the HomeSeer system from anywhere in the world. This article will show you how to add that system to your account.

Adding a HomeSeer System

  1. Log into your MyHS account at by entering your credentials and clicking Log In. Next, click Manage in the Systems section.
  2. Click Add License.

  3. Enter your HomeSeer License ID and Password. This can be found on the bottom of your HomeTroller or here if you purchased a license on
  4. Once completed your account will be upgraded to a Lite account (still free!). Your new features include remote access plus camera viewing and recording.


  • MyHS Free account
  • HomeSeer HomeTroller or Software license
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