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CSharp Scripting

Scripts can also be written in C#. This is supported on both Windows and Linux and offers much more performance over scripting on Linux.

C# scripts use the extension .cs. An example script:

public object Main(object[] Parms)


hs.WriteLog("CSHARP","From C# script");

String s = DateTime.Now.ToString("ddd");

hs.WriteLog("C#","Day: " + s);


return 0;


C# may also be used as script statements. Script statements start with an &, and C# scripts also need one other character to tell the script engine if it is a sub or a function. If the statement returns a value, then us "f", else if it does not return a value, use "s". For example, this sub simply writes to the log:


This statement returns a value:


The scripting system knows when a script statement is C# by looking for a terminating semicolon ";". If one does not exist, it assumes either VBScript (for Windows), or VB.Net (for Linux)

C# is considerably faster on Linux than VB.Net for script statements.

Iif you need to add references to other DLL files, use the following syntax to reference a file, this example references the visualbasic DLL:

The ScriptingReferences INI entry is for only.

//css_reference Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll;

Note that you need the entire string even though it looks like its commented out.

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