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Device Grid & List Views

This article defines device views in HS4


HS4 offers two ways to view your devices in the web interface: grid view and list view. These are both activated by buttons in the top right corner of the screen, you can mouse over the buttons and a tool-tip will appear describing which is which. The two are outlined below:

Grid View

Activated by clicking the button with a 3x3 grid (see the screenshot below), users of HomeSeer Mobile will be familiar with grid view. Devices are displayed as cards and organized in rows and columns. Main controls for a device will be listed in the bottom half of the card with status graphics in the top. The icons that line the top right corner of some devices' cards can be clicked for additional controls and information.

List View

Clicking the first button after the Add Device button will activate list view, which is similar to how devices were displayed in HS3. You have your device or feature name on the left, then its current status, the time it was last updated, and finally the controls on the right-hand side. 

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