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Help resources may be accessed by opening the Tools menu and selecting Help. This page provides a button to get more help resources.

System Profile

There are two system profiles located on this page. One is for sharing your profile on our community help and one is for providing to our support team. The support profile provides more information that you may not want to share such as WAN IP, License ID, MyHS Subscription info, user access, and IP addresses. Below is a list of the total contents, italicized items are only included with the support profile.

  • Date/time
  • Version
  • License
  • License ID
  • MyHS Subscription
  • MyHS Subscription Backup Interval
  • MyHS Subscription Max Cameras
  • MyHS Subscription Backup Time
  • MyHS Subscription Backup Day
  • In Virtual Machine
  • Antivirus
  • OS
  • OS Version
  • Uptime
  • User/Access
  • Lan IP
  • Client IP
  • WAN IP
  • Device Count
  • Event Count
  • Last Event Ran
  • # of unique event scripts
  • Modules/Threads
  • Available Threads
  • System Load
  • Free/Total Memory
  • Free/Total Virtual Memory
  • HomeSeer Memory Used
  • Plugins Installed
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