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How to Create a Full Backup (HS3)

A how-to on creating a full backup in HS3.

In order to create a full backup of an HS3 system or installation, first you will want to backup your Z-Wave network, then your events, then you can save everything into a file which will be saved onto whichever computer you are accessing the HS3 web interface from. These will all be created from the HS3 web interface, you will not need to access the file system of your HomeTroller or computer.

Save the resulting backup file on another PC or flash drive for safekeeping should something happen to your HS3 system.

Step 1: Backup Z-Wave

  • A) In the web interface, navigate to PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management. Expand your interface in the Z-Wave Interfaces section by clicking the yellow circle to the left of its name. 
  • B) In the Actions menu, select Back Up This Interface. You can change the name of the backup file in the field below the Actions menu or leave it as-is. By default this file is named after your interface and timestamped.
  • C) Click Start. This process should complete fairly quickly and you will be ready to move onto Step 2. 

Step 2: Backup Events

  • A) Navigate to TOOLS > Setup, then click on the Labs tab at the end. This section is where beta features are hosted. If you are unsure what a setting does or how to use it, you will not want to test it.
  • B) Click the Export Events button. Like the Z-Wave backup performed above, this process will complete quickly and you will be ready to move onto Step 3.

Step 3: Backup System Configuration

  • A)  If you are still on the Labs tab from the step above, click on the General tab on this page. Otherwise, navigate to TOOLS > Setup, then stay on the General tab.
  • B) Click the Backup Config button under the Configuration section. DO NOT use the New Config or Rename Config buttons nor the drop-down menu to the left of them. Clicking Backup Config will save your Z-Wave and event backups as well as other information about your system. Depending on the web browser you use and your preferences set in that browser, a .zip file will either automatically save to your Downloads folder or ask you where you would like to save it. 

You have now created a full backup of your HS3 system! You can restore this backup to a new installation by following these instructions. You will not want to open the .zip file created in the last step, opening or changing the data here may break your backup.

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