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How to Restore a Full Backup (HS3)

A how-to on restoring a full backup in HS3.

Now that you have created a full backup of your HS3 system, you can restore this backup to a new system or installation with the steps below!

Step 1: Restore System Configuration

  • A) In the HS3 web interface, navigate to TOOLS > Setup, this will bring you to the General tab where you will see a Configuration section.
  • B) Click the Restore Config button and the software will ask to be directed to the backup file you created. DO NOT use the New Config or Rename Config buttons nor the drop-down menu to the left of them. After submitting your config backup, HS3 will take some time to discover everything and must be restarted once it completes.

Step 2: Restore Z-Wave

If you are using the same Z-Wave interface, try controlling your devices from the Device List. If they work, then you are all set!

  • A) Once HS3 has come back on, navigate to PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management. Expand your interface in the Z-Wave Interfaces section by clicking the yellow circle to the left of its name. 
  • B) In the Actions menu, select Restore a Network to this Interface. A drop-down menu will appear below where you will find the name of the backup file you created before. Select the desired file, then click Confirm, then Start. This will take some time to complete as the nodes are imported to your interface. 

Step 3: Restore Events

This step will only be necessary if you are moving from a Linux installation to Windows or vice-versa. Check to make sure that your events are there in View > Events before performing this step.

  • A) Navigate TOOLS > Setup, then click on the Labs tab. Here, you will see an Import Events button. Clicking this will load the events file created during the backup process.

Your HS3 configuration has now been transferred from one system to another! If you run into any issues or questions during this process, please to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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