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How To Display 24 Hour Time

On the Zee S2 and SEL, you can make a change so HS3 displays times in 24 hour format.

To ensure that HS uses the 24 hour format:

  1. SSH to your unit, log in, then go to the HS folder with:
  2. cd/usr/local/HomeSeer
  3. Now edit the autostart_hs file. This file contains the locale that the unit will run under. The first line is:
  4. export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
  5. Change this line to the locale you want to use,24 HR time will be displayed if you set it to:
  6. export LANG=en_GB.UTF-8
  7. You can edit the file with the command:
  8. sudo nano autostart_hs
  9. After making the change, type CONTROL X to save and exit.
  10. Reboot the unit and HS will now display times in 24 hour format.

Note: On the Zee S2 you may need to generate the locale you want to use (GB is already there). Run the following command to enter a tool where you can generate new locales:

sudo raspi-config

Select the "Internationalisation" option to select the locale you want generate.

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