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HS4 Device Filters

This article defines device filters in HS4


Device filters allow devices to be viewed based on their location, category and name. 

Using Filter Buttons

Device filters are located on the gray toolbar of the Devices page and they appear as FLOOR, ROOM and CATEGORY buttons. 

To add a filter, simply click on any of these buttons and select the attributes you wish to use and click the SAVE button. Once saved, the selected attributes will appear as gray buttons to the right. in this example, the view is filtered to Kitchen and Living Room devices:

Using Name Filters

Users may also filter devices by simply typing some text into the ADD FILTERS field. In this example, the view is filtered to devices that have the text Battery in their names.

Removing Filters

There are 2 ways to remove filters. 

  • Click the X on the gray filter button you wish to remove. That will clear that specific filter.
  • Open the FLOOR, ROOM or CATEGORY list. Click the SELECT ALL button. Then click the CLEAR ALL button. Then click SAVE
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