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HS4 Plugin Compatibility


HS4-powered systems are designed to work with new (HS4) and old (HS3) software plugins. However, older plugins will be limited in a number of ways. Please take a moment to review the differences below to better understand what you can expect.

HS3 vs HS4 Plugin Differences

FeatureHS4 PluginsLegacy Plugins
Developed WithHS4 SDKHS3 SDK
Requires / Compatible WithHS4HS3 or HS4
Fully HS4 GUI CompliantYesNo
Mobile FriendlyYesNo
Mobile ConfigurableYesNo


Developed for HS4 plugins will give the user a unique ability to manage and configure plugins directly from HomeSeer Mobile. By defining the plugin compatibility the user will better understand the HS4 ecosystem how it can be used by them. Developers will be able to have better decision making when determining upgrades of their current plugins.

Developed for HS4 Experience

Plugins developed for HS4 will provide a better visual and quality of life experience. Developers will be able to take advantage of an improved and more robust API. The improvements will make the overall HS4 experience smoother and more complete. Devs will also get to utilize new event actions/triggers, additions to the device API, and HomeSeer Mobile integration. Click here for a full HS4 feature list

Plugins Developed for HS4 will have the ability to consist of tags. These tags will allow users to quickly find plugins that are compatible with product brands, models, and features. 

Installation, guides, support, and release notes can all be found by simply clicking on a plugin in the store.

Compatible with HS4 Experience

Plugins Compatible with HS4 will have a split experience. Users will be required to install and manage the plugin from the old HS3 interface. These plugins will not be available for management within HomeSeer Mobile nor the mobile-friendly responsive web-UI. When clicking on an HS3 plugin, you will be brought to the HS3 interface.

Compatible with HS4 plugins will show up in the HS4 menus similar to how they did in HS3. Upon clicking any of the options, the user will be brought to the old HS3 interface for information and/or configuration.

Devices from Compatible with HS4 plugins may not adhere to designs in grid-style. Plugins that utilize the event engine may experience issues with the UI but as seen, plugins will work similarly to how they did in HS3 Events.

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