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Importing Z-Wave Devices

Importing devices will pull the Z-Wave devices from your interface into your Devices page. This can be useful if your system stops working and you do not have a backup, or if you are using an Aeon Labs Z-Stick to add devices that live far away from your HomeSeer system.

Accessing the Legacy Z-Wave menu

If you have the Z-Wave UI plugin installed, the option to import devices will not be immediately available. Use the steps below to access it.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Z-Wave > Settings
  2. Click the Show Legacy Z-Wave Menu slider, then click Save.
  3. It is now recommended to restart HS4 by shutting down the program window in Windows or by using Tools > System > Restart System on Linux.
  4. You will now have access to the Controller Management page and can start the instructions below.

Importing Z-Wave Devices

  1. From the web interface, use the pull down menus to navigate to Plugins > Z-Wave > Controller Management.
  2. Locate the Z-Wave Interfaces area and expand the section of your Z-Wave Controller. Open the Actions drop-down menu and choose Import Node Info from Controller and Scan Devices.
  3. Click Start, your HomeTroller will now import your device information from your Z-Wave interface. When done, you will receive an acknowledgement such as “Finished with Z-Wave device synchronization”. Your Z-Wave devices may now be monitored and controlled from HomeSeer!


  • Because battery-powered devices are not always away, they may not work with this process. Any devices which do not get added from the import should be removed and re-added to the network.
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