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Menu Bar Functions

As with any program, there are essential functions found in the menu bar in the top, left-hand corner of the window. Each section and the functions within are explained below.

The options here are all about the layouts of the node boxes that you can create. Layouts serve as a way to keep your system and its nodes organized by different metrics so that you can quickly swap from one to another. Perhaps you want to see your nodes organized by speed to determine route bottlenecks, and later you want to view your network separated by the room each node resides in. With layouts, this is possible.

  • Save Layout As... - This will open a new window so that you may name the current layout and save it as a new one. Once the layout has been created, you will see its name next to Z-Seer+ at the top of the window.
  • Save Layout - This will save over the current layout you are using. 
  • Load Layout - Selecting this will expand a section to the side so that you may select any of your created layouts.
  • Delete Layout... - A new window will be opened, prompting you to select which layout to delete.
  • Exit - This will close Z-Seer+. If you have not saved your current layout, you will be prompted to do so.

The only option available here is Connection, which open the window below so that you may connect to your system for the first time or connect to a new one. 

While the File options give you the ability to save and load new layouts, View gives you some extra tools for actually configuring the layouts of your nodes.

  • Update Now - This will reach back out to the system you are currently connected to and checks for any changes in the network. Once this check is complete, your nodes will be reorganized as well.
  • Reformat Nodes - Selecting reformat will reorganize your nodes in an attempt to mimic the real-world layout of your system. The Z-Wave controller, node 1, will be in the center.
  • Report... - This will create and export a report to an HTML file so that you may view it in a web browser. By default, you can have these reports sorted be node ID, location, or test time.
  • Documentation - Clicking here will bring you to this online help file!
  • Register License... - If you have not registered your software yet, you can enter your license ID and its password here.
  • About... - This will pull up the splash screen that can be seen as Z-Seer+ is starting up. This is an easy way to find the version of the software you are running.
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