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Mono 3.2.8 on SEL

See here if your SEL is still on mono 3.2.8 and you are trying to get to mono 5.

SSH ONLY and on Systems with 3.2.8 where original Mono 5 SEL script is not working

Backup your system before making any changes in the Linux OS.

Login with root 

Use the command cd /etc/apt/lists/sources.d

Next, use nano sources.list to find out which version of Lubuntu is installed. It will be repeated toward the end of each source line (usually trusty) then exit

EXAMPLE (oneiric repeats) 

Use cd /etc/apt/lists/sourceslist.d and there should be a mono sources list file here.

Use nano sourceslist.d, and it should contain something like "deb VERSION main", where VERSION could be wheezy, trusty, bionic, oneiric, or something else.

Make sure that VERSION matches what was repeated in the sources.list and add -stable

EXAMPLE: "deb trusty-stable main"

Save and Exit.

Now run apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade

If the upgrade is not working or completing, you can run apt-get dist-upgrade. The overall upgrade should take 5-10 minutes. You will see mono 5.XX in the file names as it unpacks and installs.

You may have to fix some broken events afterward, as this is a big upgrade.

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