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Access a property in a plugin. The plugin must be enabled and running. If you need to access a function or sub, use PluginFunction .


Parameter: Plugin Name
Type: String
Description: The name of the plugin to access. The plugin must be enabled and running.

Parameter: Instance Name
Type: String
Description: The instance name of the plugin to access if this is a multi-instance plugin. For single instance plugins, pass an empty string

Parameter: Property Name
Type: String
Description: The name of the function to call. The name is case sensitive.

Parameter: Parameters
Type: Array
Description: An array of parameters to pass to the function, if the function accepts parameters. If the function does not take any parameters, pass "Nothing".


Return value: Result
Type: varies
Description: The return value from the function call.


The following .vb script will access the name property in the Z-Wave plugin.

Sample Code

Sub Main(parm as object)

	Dim name as String
	name = hs.PluginPropertyGet("Z-Wave", "", "Name", nothing)
	hs.writelog("Plugin name",name)

End Sub

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