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Security camera recordings may be accessed and played from within HS4. Select Recordings from the Cameras drop down menu in the main tool bar.

Recordings Page

The recordings page includes a date picker and player at the top. A grid of recordings will appear at the bottom, each within its own card.

Saving Recordings

By default, HS4 will save 7 days of recordings locally in the /html/captures folder. 7 days of Cloud storage of your recordings is also available. To enable this, navigate to the Setup > Cameras page and check the box for Upload Recordings to MyHS. Need more than 7 days of cloud storage? Subscribe to MyHS Premium Plus or Premium Pro plans.

Playing Recordings

Locally-stored recordings: To play a recording from a specific date, open the date picker above the player and choose the date. Recordings from that date will appear below in a grid. Click the thumbnail of any recording and that recording will load into the player above and begin playing.

Cloud-stored recordings: These recordings must be played using HomeSeer's MyHS remote access service.

Deleting Recordings

To delete individual recordings, simply click on the trash can icon in the lower right hand corner of the video card. HS4 will automatically delete recordings that are older than 7 days (both locally and in the cloud). If you require more than 7 days of cloud storage, consider subscribing to MyHS Premium Plus or Premium Pro plans.

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