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Registering HS4

You'll need to register HS4 before you can use it. Here's how!

Connecting to HS4

Regardless of how or where HS4 is running, you can always use to connect to it while on the same local network. Once connected, you will be greeted with a registration screen.

Re-registering or upgrading

To access the registration screen on a system that is already licensed access the web interface and navigate to Setup → General → License and click Register.


  1. Enter your license ID and password. If you are using a trial or purchased a license from, then your license information will be in an email from If you do not have it, check your spam folder or contact us at if you cannot find it. If you have a HomeTroller, it is printed on a sticker on the bottom of the controller. Once entered, click Continue.
  2. If your HS4 license is not an upgrade from HS3, then you are all set and will be requested to enter your personal information so that we may verify license ownership should you need technical support.
    If your HS4 license is an upgrade from HS3, you will be prompted to enter your HS3 license information in order to verify that the correct upgrade is being used. Click Continue.
  3.  If you have Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT connected to your HS3 setup, step 4 on the registration page will ask if you would like to transfer those configurations to your new HS4 setup. Click Confirm to bring these integrations to your new setup.
  4. Registration is now complete! Click Finish and you will be brought to your new Devices page. Control devices from here or explore the new options and interface.
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