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Information on a Z-Wave device rescan.


Z-Wave devices can sometimes work themselves into a bad state and may not display or update correctly on your Devices page. Using the Rescan diagnostic action, you can force HS4 to reach out to the device and make sure its features are listed as they should be, and update them if they aren't. 


Access the Device Diagnostics page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Device Diagnostics


  1. From the Device Diagnostics page, use the drop-down menu to select the name of the device you would like to rescan. Click Continue.
  2. The function drop-down menu will be open, select Rescan, then click Continue.
  3. Click Start, then the system will log that it is performing a rescan and move along to step 5 once it is complete. Go to Tools > Log to review detailed logs if the rescan does not succeed. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page, or Run Another Function if you need to rescan another device.


  • Performing a rescan can get devices which are not reporting status updates to start doing so and even get features added that were missed during initial inclusion. This is a good early troubleshooting step to take with a Z-Wave device that isn't working correctly in HS4.
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