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Run a Script or Script Command


This event action is designed to execute a custom script of script command within the current event. The action may be accessed by selecting Run a Script or Script Command from the action group menu. Simply select the script (or enter the script command) you wish to execute or build your own script. 




ScriptSelect an existing script to run from this action

New Script

Enter new script name when creating new scripts
Sub or FunctionUse this field to enter an immediate script function
ParametersEnter script parameters (if required) for your script
Immediate CommandTick this box to run an immediate script command
Wait for script to finishTick this box to ensure the selected script completes before executing additional actions
Only run one script at a timeTick this box to prevent multiple scripts from running simultaneously

Creating New Scripts

  1. Enter a name into the New Script field
  2. Click EDIT SCRIPT. The script creation screen will appear
  3. Enter your new script and click SAVE

Editing Existing Scripts

  1. Select existing script from Script drop down menu
  2. Click EDIT SCRIPT and make your edits
  3. Click SAVE
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