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This command will unzip a Zip archive file to the destination you provide.


Parameter: filename
Type: string
Description: Path and name of the source Zip archive file to be unzipped.

Parameter: destination (optional)
Type: string
Description: Path to the destination starting directory for the files in the zip archive.  If this parameter is not provided, the files in the Zip archive will be unzipped to the same directory as the source zip file.

Parameter: IgnoreZipDirs (optional)
Type: boolean
Description: If True, the zip directories within the Zip archive will be ignored and all of the files will be unzipped into the destination directory only.  (Note: Two files of the same name in different Zip archive directories will result in only one of them existing at the end of the UnZip operation if this parameter is set to True.) (Default is False)

Parameter: OverWrite (optional)
Type: boolean
Description: If set to True, existing destination files will be overwritten. (Default is False)

Parameter: password (optional)
Type: string
Description: If the source Zip archive was created with a password, provide it in this parameter.


Parameter: Status
Type: String
Description: Returns the status of the UnZip function. An empty string indicates success, otherwise an error message is returned.


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