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Updating HS4


Below are instructions on updating your HomeSeer instance. The HomeTroller Pro and Plus both run a version of Windows. The instructions for updating those HomeTrollers is similar to that of having your own Windows installation.

The Pi Hub, HS4-Pi, and Linux installation software update procedure is identical.

HomeTroller Pro/HomeTroller Plus/Windows


  • Option 1 (recommended)
    • Connection via MyHS or a web browser locally
    • Check for Updates is enabled via Setup→General
    • Version 4.2 or later of HS4
    • Internet access
  • Option 2
    • Connection via Remote Desktop or VNC (HomeTrollers)
    • Check for Updates is enabled via Setup→General
    • Internet access
  • Option 3
    • Connect a monitor or TV
    • Connect a mouse and keyboard
    • Check for Updates is enabled via Setup→General
    • Internet access

Procedure for Option 1

  1. Navigate to Setup→General within your HomeSeer system from any web browser.
  2. Locate the Updates section and click Check Update
  3. If an update is available select Install Update.
  4. Your system will install the update and reboot once finished. This process takes about 2-3 minutes.

Procedure for Options 2 and 3:

  1. Connect to the desktop of your HS installation via one of the two options above. 
  2. Shut down HS4 and then relaunch HS4.
  3. You will be prompted for an update as HS4 starts up.
  4. Proceed through the update wizard. Note: The wizard will prompt to shutdown HS4, you can do this yourself or the wizard will do it for you.
  5. Once the update is complete, launch HS4.
  6. All done! HS4 is now up-to-date.

Alternate Method:

  1. Download the current installer from our downloads page.
  2. Run the installer locally on Windows where HS4 is running. This will overwrite your current HS system files. Note: Your data will go untouched.
  3. Once installer is finished, launch HS!

HomeTroller Pi/HS4-Pi/Linux


  • Local access via a web browser
  • Check for Updates is enabled via Setup→General
  • Internet access


  1. Navigate to Setup→General 
  2. Locate the Updates section and click Check Update.
  3. If an update is available there will be an option to install it in the Latest Release section. 
  4. Click Install Update and your unit will take about 90 seconds to come back up.
  5. All done! HS4 is up-to-date.

Alternate Method:

  1. Connect via SSH to your system.
  2. Login with your homeseer system user.
  3. Navigate to the HomeSeer directory

    cd /usr/local/HomeSeer
  4. Run the following script. Replace # with version number you wish to update to. (IE. 4_1_0_10)

    sudo sh #_#_#_#
  5. Your system will reboot once complete.


We do not recommend installing the Latest Beta unless instructed to by HS support. If you proceed with the Beta, make sure you have a recent backup and understand that there may be issues.

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