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Using Alexa with Multiple HS Systems

Information on using Alexa with multiple HS3 or HS4 systems via MyHS.


If you have more than one home or building with an HS4 system and an Alexa device in each as well, you can configure each Alexa with the HomeSeer system they live with. You will need a Premium MyHS subscription as well as two Amazon accounts in order to set this up. If you have any questions about the service or run into issues setting it up after purchase, do feel free to contact us!

  1. Follow these instructions to configure your second HS4 system and second login on your MyHS account. Once this is complete, you should see both systems listed when you log in and click Access System and should be able to log in with either set of credentials. Once this is true, enter your credentials on, then click Manage Account.
  2. From here, you will want to click the Edit button to get to the Edit User page.
  3. On the Edit User page, you will see a section titled Allow Access To. Leave both HS4 (Web) and HS4Touch (Mobile) checked in the Apps subsection. In the Systems subsection, check click the check box for the license of your second system and make sure that the license for your primary system is not checked. Now click Done
  4. Now that you have two logins and the second is associated only with your second system, use your primary login to set up your Alexa living in the home with your primary HS4 system. You will then want to use the second MyHS login we created to link your second Alexa and second Amazon account to your second HS4 system. 
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