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This procedure writes an entry to the HomeSeer log with additional detailed information which can be used by plug-ins and on the log screen to highlight specific log events.


Parameter: mType
Type: String
Description: This is the log entry "type", which is first to appear in the log.  Usually this is used to indicate a severity or what the log entry pertains to, such as "Error" or "My Script".

Parameter: Message
Type: String
Description: This is the main log message.

Parameter: Color
Type: String
Description: This is the color code that you want associated with the log entry when you view it in the web browser.  The color code must be in the #XXXXXX format, which is the # symbol followed by hexadecimal values for Red, Green, and Blue.  Here are some examples of colors and their color values:

RED = "#FF0000"
BLACK = "#000000"
NAVY = "#000080"
PINK = "#FFB6C1"
ORANGE = "#D58000"
GREEN  = "#008000"

Note: At this time, the HomeSeer colors for Error, Warning, and Updater log entries of Red, Orange, and Green respectively are automatic and are still set by HomeSeer.

Parameter: Priority
Type: Integer
Description: This is an indicator of the priority of the log entry, with the value 0 being unspecified, and the value 1 being the highest priority.   Even if a process (e.g. Event) has logging turned off, priority 1 log entries are still written to the log.

Parameter: mFrom
Type: String
Description: This indicates the source of the message.  For example:  "Cool_Plugin, Main Procedure, Update Section"

Parameter: ErrorCode
Type: Integer
Description: This is an error code number which is meaningful only to the script or plug-in that generated this log entry.




Sample Code

hs.WriteLogDetail("Error", "Oh No, Mr. Bill!", COLOR_RED, 1, "SaturdayNight Plugin", 911)

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