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Z-Tool FAQ

Articles pertaining to Z-Tool app

Q: Where can I download Z-Tool+?
A: Z-Tool+ can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Q: Can I control my devices from Z-Tool+?
A: No, Z-Tool+ is only for Z-Wave Management.

Q: Is Z-Tool+ a replacement for my Z-Wave interface (antenna)?
A: No, Z-Tool+ is simply a mobile app to use as an alternative to the HS4 web interface for setting up Z-Wave networks. 

Q: I have Z-Wave devices that don't support network wide inclusion (NWI). Does Z-Tool+ overcome this limitation?
A: No, you'll still need to position your Z-Wave interface (antenna) close to older devices or secure devices that don't support NWI to add them to your network.

Q: My system includes multiple Z-Wave interfaces. Will Z-Tool+ work with each?
A: Yes

Q: Will Z-Tool+ work without a HomeSeer system?
A: No, you'll need a HomeSeer HomeTroller or HS3 Software and a Z-Wave interface to use Z-Tool+.

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