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Add Interface

Information on adding Z-Wave interfaces to your HomeSeer platform.


Whether you are setting up your HomeSeer system for the first time or have a new Z-Wave interface to expand your existing system, your interface will need to be added and initialized in HS4 before Z-Wave devices can be added to it. The steps below are appropriate for both new and existing systems.


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Z-Wave > Add Interface
  2. Click the "New Interface" field, then enter a name for your interface. It is a good idea to enter a name which tells you what interface you are working with at a glance. Some examples are "HomeTroller SmartStick" or "Living Room Z-Net". Click Continue.
  3. You will be prompted to select the Interface Model out of a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate interface model for the hardware you are using. Click Continue.
  4. Select a port out of the options given in the Serial Port drop-down menu. If you are unsure of the port, trial and error will not break your hardware and is recommended. Click Add
  5. The interface will be added, then started. You are now ready to add devices!

If the process fails, you will be prompted to check the Manage Interfaces page at Plugins > Z-Wave > Manage Interfaces


If you are adding an additional Z-Wave interface to an existing setup, HomeSeer recommends letting each interface manage its own network. By default, adding an interface creates a new network for it so there is no extra setup required. You will want to add Z-Wave Devices that will be installed nearest a given interface to that interface's network. 

If you are adding an interface which already has a network to a new system and do not have a Z-Wave backup, you can use the Import Node Info from Controller and Scan Devices action.

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