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Backup Interface

Information on backing up a Z-Wave interface on the HomeSeer platform.


Backups are essential for recovering your network if your interface hardware fails, and they also make it possible to migrate your network when upgrading to a new interface without having to recreate your Z-Wave network.


Access the Manage Interfaces page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Advanced Functions


  1. From the Advanced Functions page, select Backup Interface in the drop-down menu, then click Continue.
  2. You will be presented a default file name for your backup including the network ID and date. Leave this as-is or enter a name that will be help you recall exactly which backup you are looking at in the future. Click Start
  3. The system will log the process of creating your backup and move along to step 4 once it is complete. Press Details to review these logs if you like. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page.


  • Whenever you add a Z-Wave device to your network, HS4 will automatically create a backup of your network at that time. If you do not recall manually creating a backup, check the Restore Interface From Backup guide as your system should have at least one.
  • The file extension used for your backup file depends on which series interface you have. Z-Wave interfaces using the 500 series chip will save as a .zwave file while 700 series interfaces will save as a .nodes file. This is handled automatically and should not be changed.
  • If creating the backup does not complete successfully, please contact support and provide the log entries seen after clicking Details. Please attach these log entries as a .txt attachment to your ticket.

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