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Device Value Status Pairs

Devices hold a value property (double) that represents the status in the device, and a string which can be displayed regardless of the device value. It's possible to assign name->value pairs to a device. When this is done, the list of names is presented to the user in a drop list or some other UI form. Also, all trigger and actions dialogs will present the user with the value options rather than prompting them to enter a number.  Strings are not as powerful as value/status pairs for control options on a device, but they are useful when strings are not known at device creation time or are dynamic during the runtime of HomeSeer.

Value/Status pairs can represent a status-only value, a control-only value, or both.   An example would be the desire to have the value 100 represent "On" as a status, but a different value such as 200 with the status "Turn It On" for control.  This arrangement allows a script or plug-in to trigger on the change of the device value to 200 which indicates a change needs to be made, and then set the value to 100 to indicate that the change is complete.

The sections of this help file under this topic will inform you about the VSPair object type, as well as the HomeSeer script interface commands which allow you to make changes to the value/status pairs.

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