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This Enum holds values referencing individual bits in an integer which indicate different characteristics of a device.

    Enum dvMISC As UInteger
        NO_LOG = 8                      ' No logging to the log for this device
        STATUS_ONLY = &H10              ' Device cannot be controlled
        HIDDEN = &H20                   ' Device is hidden from the device utility page when
        '                                     Hide Marked is used.
        INCLUDE_POWERFAIL = &H80        ' The device's state is restored if power failure
        '                                     recovery is enabled
        SHOW_VALUES = &H100             ' If not set, device control options will not be displayed.
        AUTO_VOICE_COMMAND = &H200      ' When set, this device is included in the voice recognition
        '                                     context for device commands.
        VOICE_COMMAND_CONFIRM = &H400   ' When set, voice commands for this device are confirmed.
        NO_STATUS_TRIGGER = &H20000     ' If set, the device status values will not appear
        '                                     in the device change trigger.
        CONTROL_POPUP = &H100000        ' The controls for this device should appear in a popup
        '                                     window on the device utility page.
    End Enum

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