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Information on how-to send and receive email within HS4.


HS4 includes event triggers and actions that work with email. This is particularly useful for sending notifications when things happen at home. Enter your email account settings on this page to enable this feature.

General Settings

If possible, we highly recommend using Gmail with HS4. It's extremely easy to set up and quite secure. The instructions below assume you have 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

  • Use Gmail: check this box to use Gmail
  • Gmail User: enter your Gmail username.
  • Gmail Pass: enter your Gmail app-specific password. See this guide for information on app-specific passwords.

These next fields will set some basic defaults for all emails sent. However, these will be overridden by setting in individual event actions.

  • Default TO Address: if you normally send all or most emails to a single email address, enter it here.
  • Default Subject: if you would like all emails to include the same subject line, enter it here.
  • Default Message: if you would like all emails to include the same message, enter it here.

Sending Settings

These fields will only display if Gmail is NOT used.

  • SMTP Server: enter your SMTP server address
  • SMTP Port Number: enter your SMTP port number
  • SMTP Username; enter your SMTP username
  • SMTP Password: enter your SMTP password
  • Main Domain: enter if your SMTP username does not include the domain
  • Default From Address: enter your default from address
  • Use SSL: check this if your SMTP server uses SSL to send

Receiving Settings

These settings are used if you wish to launch events based on received emails. This is a legacy feature that was first introduced before the age of mobile devices and remote system access.

  • Check Email: check this box to enable email checking
  • Check Freq (min): enter the frequency that HS4 will check for received emails. 
  • POP Server: enter your POP server address
  • Use SSL: check this if you POP server uses SSL
  • Port: enter your SSL port number
  • Username: enter your POP username
  • Password: enter your POP password

Save Your Work!

Be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page after you're finished editing.

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