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The features includes on this page are advanced and are unsupported.


  • Enable SSL Secure Server: check this box to enable SSL on your HomeSeer system. You will need to obtain an SSL certificate to use this.
  • SSL Port: enter the port you intend to use for SSL (default is 443)
  • SSL Cert Password: enter your SSL certificate password here.
  • Bind Server to IP Address: use for binding.
  • Start Plugins in Background: check this box to start plugins in background. 
  • Use to Find System: checked by default. Uncheck if you do not wish to have your system discovered by our FIND service.

Click the FIX DEVICE/FEATURE RELATIONSHIPS button to reconnect orphaned features with their devices.

Click the IMPORT EVENTS button to import HS3 events into HS4.

Save Your Work!

Be sure to click the  SAVE button at the bottom of the page after you're finished editing.

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