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Remove Bad Node

Information on removing a bad Z-Wave node from HS4


If a Z-Wave device fails, then the normal Z-Wave removal process will not work, as it may not power on or its Z-Wave radio is broken and cannot speak with your Z-Wave interface. Attempting to delete the device from your Devices page will not work, as the device will still exist in your Z-Wave interface and will be recreated the next time you manage your Z-Wave network. In these cases, the Remove Bad Node button can clear the malfunctioning device from your interface so that it is gone for good.


Access the Device Diagnostics page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Device Diagnostics


  1. From the Device Diagnostics page, use the drop-down menu to select the name of the device you would like to remove. Click Continue.
  2. The function drop-down menu will be open, select Remove Bad Node, then click Continue.  
  3. Click Start, then the system will log the actions performed while removing the device and move along to step 5 once it is complete. Press Details to review these logs if you like. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page, or Run Another Function if you need to remove another device.


  • If you power down a device so that it is not communicating and run this action on the device, it will still have Z-Wave network data on it. This means that a removal must be performed on it before it can be added to a network again.
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