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Reset Data

Information on performing a Reset Data on a Z-Wave network.


In rare cases, it is possible for a Z-Wave network's data to become out of date or out of sync. Resetting the Z-Wave data will not clear out your Z-Wave configurations, but will force a refresh of this data and can get unresponsive networks moving again.


Access the Manage Interfaces page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Advanced Functions


  1. From the Advanced Functions page, select Reset Data in the drop-down menu, then click Continue
  2. Click Start, then the system will log the actions performed while resetting your Z-Wave data and move along to step 4 once it is complete. Press Details to review these logs if you like. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page.


It is recommended to create a backup before running this action as it cannot be reversed.

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