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strEventData (All)


This structure is used as a single return or array return from functions providing information about events.  Descriptions of each member of the structure are below.




Sample Code

Public Structure strEventData
    Public Event_Ref As Integer				            ' The event reference ID number.
    Public Event_Name As String			    	        ' The event name
    Public Event_Type As String			    	        ' The event type, if used.
    Public GroupID As Integer					        ' The event group reference ID number.
    Public GroupName As String				            ' The event group name.
    Public UserNote As String					        ' The user's note contents.
    Public Last_Triggered As Date				        ' The time the event was last triggered or Date.MinValue if it has not been triggerd before.
    Public Retrigger_Delay As TimeSpan		    	    ' If the event is prevented from triggering within a given amount of time, this timespan will contain that time period.
    Public Flag_Enabled As Boolean				        ' True if the event is enabled for automatic triggering.
    Public Flag_Delete_After_Trigger As Boolean		    ' True if the event is deleted from the system after it triggers.
    Public Flag_Do_Not_Log As Boolean			        ' True if the event is set to not log information when it is triggered.
    Public Flag_Delayed_Event As Boolean			    ' True if the event was created as a result of a delayed action or trigger.
    Public Flag_Include_in_Powerfail As Boolean		    ' True if the event is to be included in powerfailure recovery.
    Public Flag_Security As Boolean				        ' True if the event trigger(s) can be modified by a random amount when the security feature is enabled.
    Public Flag_Priority_Event As Boolean			    ' True if the event is set to not have its execution queued.
    Public Action_Count						            ' The number of actions in this event.
    Public Actions As String()					        ' The list (array) of actions in action_type : action_name format.
    Public Trigger_Count As Integer				        ' The total number of triggers and conditions in this event.
    Public Trigger_Group_Count As Integer			    ' The number of trigger groups (If / Or If) in the event.
    Public Trigger_Groups As strEventTriggerGroupData()	' The list (array of structure) of triggers in each trigger group.
End Structure

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