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Timers allow for automations to happen after a certain period of time has elapsed as well as tracking the usage of devices in your HS4 system.


Timers can be managed and reviewed from Tools > Timer/Counters. You will want to ensure that the Timers tab is selected.

Creating & Managing Timers

Click the

button and a "Create Timer" pop-up will display. Click the Name field and enter the desired name. See an explanation of the different buttons below:

  • Stop - Only appears when a timer is active, stops your timer at its current time.
  • Resume - Starts your timer from its current time.
  • Restart - The timer is reset to 0:00:00:00 and started from there.
  • Reset - Stops the timer if it is running and sets it to 0:00:00:00.
  • Set... - Set your timer to any time you wish.
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