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These settings work with HomeSeer's built-in voice recognition features and with with our custom Alexa Skill. They are not used for the standard Alexa smart home skill and are not used with Google Assistant. To access these settings, click on Setup and then Voice.

Voice Recognition and Response Settings

Note that all of these settings already include default phrases. It is not necessary to change these unless you would prefer to use other phrases.Available phrase options include the following:

  • Future "in"/"at" device confirmation
  • Other Device confirmation
  • Future "in"/"at" event confirmation
  • Other Event confirmation
  • Future "in"/"at" event name confirmation
  • Other Event name confirmation
  • Reminder "in"/"at" confirmation
  • Other Reminder confirmation
  • Remove delayed device confirmation
  • Remove delayed event confirmation
  • Remove delayed device execution
  • Remove delayed event execution
  • Device "in"/"at" execution phrase
  • Other Device execution phrase
  • Event "in"/"at" execution phrase
  • Other event execution phrase
  • Event Name "in"/"at" execution phrase
  • Other Event Name execution phrase
  • Reminder execution phrase

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