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This Enum determines the graphic image used on the button (only CAPIControls rendered as buttons) when the control is rendered for the browser.  The default value (Not_Specified) will leave the button without a graphical representation.  Value 1 (Use_Status_Value) will use the graphic specified in the graphics value pairs (VGPairs) that matches the ControlValue of the CAPIControl object.  The value 2 (Use_Custom) will use the graphic file path specified in the ControlButtonCustom, which is derived from the value/status pair (VSPair) item PairButtonImage.

    Not_Specified= 0          ' This is the default, in which no graphical image is used on the button.
    Use_Status_Value= 1 ' Use the graphical image file specified in the graphics/value pair corresponding
'  to the CAPIControl object's ControlValue.

    Use_Custom= 2 ' Use a custom graphical image file whose path is specified in ControlButtonCustom.

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