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This is the VGPair object, which is used to describe a single value/graphic relationship or a range of values and associated graphics relationship.  Multiples of these objects can be associated with a device to handle different types of graphics to represent different states (values) of a device.  Most of the modification of these pairs is done using the HomeSeer scripting/application interface commands that start with DeviceVGP_

    Public Class VGPair

        Public PairType As VSVGPairType
        Public RangeStart As Double
        Public RangeEnd As Double
        Public WriteOnly Property Graphic As String
        Public ReadOnly Property Value As Double
        Public WriteOnly Property Set_Value As Double
    End Class

The definition for each member is as follows:

PairType  This enum indicates whether the pair represents a single value or a range of values.
RangeStart  If this VGPair is a range, this contains the lowest value of the range being specified.
RangeEnd  If this VGPair is a range, this contains the highest value of the range being specified.
Value (Read Only)
Set_Value (Write Only)
  If this VGPair is a single value pair and not a range, then this holds the value that this pair represents.
 Graphic (Write Only) This contains the path, relative to the HomeSeer HTML directory or absolute if outside the HTML directory.

To add a graphics pair to a device:

GPair = New VGPair
GPair.PairType = VSVGPairType.SingleValue
GPair.Set_Value = 0
GPair.Graphic = "/images/HomeSeer/status/off.gif"
hs.DeviceVGP_AddPair(ref, GPair)

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