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The Device_API should be set appropriately if the device is a part of an API, set to Plug_In if it is not a part of an API but is owned by a Plug-In, or set to No_API if it is not owned by a plug-in and is not a part of an API.  If the Device_API is set to an API type such as Thermostat or Music, then the Device_Type should be set to one of the API types for those APIs. (See DeviceTypeInfo Enums) and this property can be used to denote the device type further.


The Device_SubType property is an integer denoting the device sub-type, if any, that this device is a part of:

Public Property Device_SubType As Integer



Sample Code

	(This sets the device to the Thermostat API type "Setpoint" for Cooling)
	Dim DT As New DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo
	DT.Device_API = DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo.eDeviceAPI.Thermostat
	DT.Device_Type = DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo.eDeviceType_Thermostat.Setpoint
	DT.Device_SubType = DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo.eDeviceSubType_Setpoint.Cooling_1
	DT.Device_SubType_Description = "Cool Setpoint"
	dv.DeviceType_Set(hs) = DT

	(This sets the device to a plug-in custom type.)
	Dim DT As New DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo
	DT.Device_API = DeviceAPI.DeviceTypeInfo.eDeviceAPI.Plug_In
	DT.Device_Type = CInt(PlugDeviceType_X)
	DT.Device_SubType = 4
	dv.DeviceType_Set(hs) = DT

When the API is Thermostat, and the Device_Type is Setpoint or Temperature, it is required that the Device_SubType be set to indicate which setpoint or which temperature the device is representing, as found in the enum eDeviceSubType_Setpoint or eDeviceSubType_Temperature

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