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Full Optimize

Information on performing a full optimization of your Z-Wave Network


When first setting up your Z-Wave network, devices will not always readily recognize their neighbors to fill out the mesh network. The same can happen if you move a device from one location to another. Performing a full optimization on a device will help HS4 determine the best routes to get to your device and back to ensure proper communication speeds. 


Access the Device Diagnostics page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Device Diagnostics


  1. From the Device Diagnostics page, use the drop-down menu to select the name of the device you would like to perform the connectivity test on. Click Continue.
  2. The function drop-down menu will be open, select Full Optimize, then click Continue.
  3. Click Start, then the system will log that it is performing optimizations for your device and move along to step 5 once it is complete. Click Details to review logs if the rescan does not succeed, you can see more detailed logs from Tools > Log. Click Finish and you will be returned to the Devices page, or Run Another Function if you need to rescan another device.


  • Outside of cases where a new device has been added or an existing device has been moved, performing a full optimization on a device likely will not resolve communication issues. If you are experiencing communication issues with a Z-Wave device, try a rescan, or removing and re-adding it. Technical support can also be contacted here.
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